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South East Idaho


South Eastern Idaho Locations
  1000-2000 Sq. Ft. + Delivery Fee 2000-3000 Sq. Ft. 3000-4000 Sq. Ft. 4000-5000 Sq. Ft. 5000-6000 Sq. Ft. 6000-7000 Sq. Ft.
Shelley  0.31+$150                           0.36                          0.33                          0.29                          0.28                          0.28
Blackfoot  0.31+$240                           0.41                          0.37                          0.32                          0.31                          0.28
Chubbuck  Call for Price                           0.44                          0.40                          0.34                          0.32                          0.31
Pocatello  Call For Price                           0.45                          0.41                          0.35                          0.33                          0.32
American Falls  Call for Price                           0.50                          0.44                          0.37                          0.35                          0.33
Aberdeen  Call For Price                           0.50                          0.44                          0.37                          0.35                          0.33
Burley  Call for Price   Call for Price   Call for Price   Call for Price                           0.44                          0.41
Twin Falls  Call For Price   Call For Price   Call For Price   Call For Price                           0.47                          0.43


Don't See your Location?

Call for a price at (208) 522-5955

Have a Large Quantity?

Ask us about the Big Roll Option.  We can save you some effort and some cash depending on your needs.

Need Landscape Contractors?

We can help, Let us know your going to need some help with the installation or landscaping and we can connect you with one of our trusted landscapers.

Are Prices Locked In?

Prices are variable to change due to weather, distance, and the above information is a general guide for information.

Can I return the Extra Sod I didn't Need?

All Sales are final and are subject to change. There is no returning of extra sod.

What Type of Grass Types do you offer?

Are most popular would be the Kentucky Blue Grass.  We also offer a Native Meadown Grass Blend.