How To Guide


Measure Sod Quantity

Before placing an order, you will need to determine the square footage of sod required. To figure square footage, use the basic mathematic principle of “area”.

Quick “Area” reminder –

Square or Rectangle areas - Multiply Length x Width = Square Footage

Triangle areas - Base x Height / 2 = Square Footage

Split your yard into easy-to-measure sections. Figure square footage of each individual section then add them all together to get total square footage. Be sure to order a little extra to accommodate angles, cuts, etc.


Install Sod Yourself

Start laying your sod against a straight line, like a sidewalk, road, fence, etc. The sod should be laid in a staggered fashion (like a brick pattern) to offset the seams. Butt the ends of the rolls and the edges closely together to avoid leaving gaps; be careful not to over lap the sod. Use a sharp knife to trim the edges. If sodding on an extremely steep incline, be sure to use sod staples to insure the sod stays in place. It is important to install sod within a day or two of delivery to prevent drying and / or molding.


Watering New Sod

Rocky Mountain Sod recommends watering sod immediately after installation. After the initial watering, begin a routine of watering very frequently, approximately 4 times a day for short durations. The sod needs to stay wet while it is beginning to establish its root system. Over the course of the first month post-install, slowly reduce watering frequency as you increase watering duration. Watering requirements vary depending on the season and current weather conditions.

Caution: During the first few weeks of watering, try to avoid walking or placing heavy objects on the new sod to help maintain a high-quality product.


Fertilizing Your New Lawn

Rocky Mountain Sod recommends fertilizing your grass after installation to stimulate root growth. To maintain a deep green, healthy lawn, fertilize often. There are many good fertilizers out there, pick one, and follow frequency recommendations listed on the bag.




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