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Delivery / Pick-Up


Rocky Mountain Sod offers delivery to all of South Eastern Idaho, South Central Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah. With our Semi and Forklift combination; we are able to haul large quantities of sod, unload, and place it right where you want it (as long as it’s accessible with our equipment). Sod is heavy so this is the better option for larger quantities. Deliveries must be ordered AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Ordering a few days to a week in advance is preferred.  

 Our forklift requires openings wider then 9 feet for maneuvering through gates and around houses. We will NOT place sod in inaccessible areas: no exceptions. Sod will be placed as close to the desired area as reasonably possible.

Customer Pick-Up

Rocky Mountain Sod allows customers to pick up their sod directly from the field located in Idaho Falls. This is a great option for smaller quantities. You must order your sod in advance to allow time for it to be harvested and ready for pick up.

If you place an order to pick up sod from the farm:

  • Go to the address – 11100 N 95th E Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
  • You will see a Rocky Mountain Sod sign and a smaller instructional sign, STOP there and call (208) 522-5955 for further instructions.

When considering sod pick up, please keep in mind that one roll of sod (10 sq/ft) weighs approximately 40-50 pounds. Rocky Mountain Sod is not liable for any damages involved in the loading or hauling of sod.