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Types of Grass

Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Bluegrass is lawn grass and is the most popular grass in this region. We use a blend of high-quality seed varieties that have: deep green, high density, traffic tolerant, soft characteristics. Kentucky Bluegrass is recommended for 99% of applications and is the grass that your kids will enjoy to play on.

Natural Native Meadow Grass

Meadow grass is a blend of multiple grass varieties designed to look like the natural grasslands in the region. It is most commonly used on hills and low maintenance areas. Meadow grass is ideal if left in its long and natural state. If this grass is not cut down, it will grow to approximately 18-24 inches tall. Meadow grass is a specialty grass, not a lawn grass. It provides a more natural and low-maintenance appearance.

Delivery / Pick-up


Rocky Mountain Sod offers delivery to all of South Eastern Idaho, South Central Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah. Sod is heavy so this is the better option for larger quantities.


Rocky Mountain Sod allows customers to pick up their sod directly from the field located in Idaho Falls. This is a great option for smaller quantities.


Rocky Mountain Sod has an experienced team of sod laying personnel. Sit back and allow our team to transform your yard right before your eyes. Sod installation includes: laying the sod, a clean-up of messes caused by the installation process, disposing of any scraps, and returning the pallets. 

Note: Please plan to schedule at least a week in advance.


Rocky Mountain Sod recommends using fertilizer when installing new sod to help promote strong root growth. We also recommend fertilizing 4 times per year to help maintain a healthy lawn. We sell a special blend of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Iron, and Sulfur that are all needed to help your lawn stay fresh and green all year long.

How To Guide

Measuring Sod Quality

Sod is sold by the square foot. Before placing an order, you must determine how many square feet of sod is needed. To calculate square footage, use the basic formula for “area”.

Installing Sod Yourself

Begin by laying your sod against a straight line; e.g., sidewalk, road, fence, etc. The sod should be laid in a staggered fashion (like a brick pattern) to offset the seams.

Watering New Sod

Immediately after installation, be sure to get water on your new sod. After the initial watering, begin a routine of watering very frequently, for short durations, multiple times a day (2-4 times depending on current weather conditions).

Installing Big Rolls

Rocky Mountain Sod offers big rolls for larger areas. Big rolls are 4’ x 100’ rolls of sod that are installed using machines. They can save a lot of time in big open areas that have few obstacles.


Ordered sod and had them do the install. They communicated and showed up when they said they would. The sod itself looks great and the install was very fast. Highly recommend them!

Mike McDowell

Rocky Mountain Sod is such a fantastic family owned company. Great communication, incredible work ethic and every single person is so kind. We love our new lawn! 10/10 recommend Rocky Mountain Sod!

Kayla Jensen

I was given a tour of their sod operation today, very precise and well maintained! Great product! Great people!

B.J. Lott

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