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Fertilizer- $30 per 50lb bag


Rocky Mountain Sod offers two different blends of Lesco fertilizer. These two blends are commercial grade fertilizers that have been built specifically for residential lawns. They are safe to use around concrete with low risk of leaving stains (We still recommend blowing/brooming excess fertilizer off concrete). Give us a call at (208) 522-5955 to purchase.



  • Built for established lawns
  • Helps maintain a deep green
  • Main ingredient is Nitrogen
  • Has time release element (Helps fertilizer last longer)
  • 50 lb bag will cover 12,500 sf


  • Built for new lawns (Sod or Seed)
  • Helps establish strong roots and stimulate leaf growth
  • Main ingredients are Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash
  • 50lb bag will cover 8,000 sf


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